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Lubricating gel Preventor® Natural

- Non spermicidal water based lubricant

- Odourless

- Without added fragrance

- Don't create spots

- Water washable

- Compatible with all natural latex condoms

- Compatible with the use of sextoys

- Non spermicidal, not a contraceptive

- Conform to NF-S97-034 norm


Available in tube of 60ml (can be produced in a different packaging).


The Natural Preventor® gel is generally foreseen to be used with contraceptive condoms. Allows the sexual relations to be smoother by extra lubrication. Its formula has been developed specially to limit the risk on allergy as much as possible and also to make intimate relations more comfortable thanks to the extra lubricating particularly adequate when vaginal dryness situations.

This water based lubricant, foreseen to be used with contraceptive condoms, is a class IIb medical device.
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