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Remed Pharma - Who are we?

Company profile


REMED PHARMA was created from the activities of Remed Pharma sa/nv, a well-known company in the pharmaceutical field since 1963, as a specialized producer of various lines of condoms (PREVENTOR® and LOVE CONDOM®) and distributor of water based lubricating gel (PREVENTOR®).

Our priorities


The top quality and reliability of our products is our main priority : quality testing is organized at different stages of the manufacturing process (100% of our condoms are electronically tested), in accordance with the ultimate norms in use in that sector worldwide.

Our goals


Since 1996, our objectives of continuous improvement and our willingness to satisfy the needs of our consumers have lead our company to be constantly innovative : we developed a special formulation with a low level of chemicals added to the natural latex in order to make our condoms hypoallergenic. We are currently stuyding new shapes of condoms and developing new projects such as the development of new synthetic substance with the same qualities as natural latex, for users suffering of allergy to latex.


We are aware of the major role we play in eradicating the AIDS spreading worldwide and the STIs. In the 90s, we have been chosen as favourite supplier for the campaign "Europe Against Aids", for which we have been the main partner of about 20 European associations. We are currently exporting our top quality condoms to about 20 countries and are continuously increasing our distribution network in order to protect most people from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.


In partnership with O'YES NPO (formerly Sida'sos).

Love Condom car
To download our certifications, please click here.
To download our certifications, please click here.
To download the MEDDEV Guidelines in a case of product recall, please click here.

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