Our range of Oral Care - Preventor® toothbrushes

Comfort, a high-quality toothbrush for optimal brushing.


This high-quality model has real Tynex® bristles manufactured by DuPont de Nemours, which ensure optimal hold and longevity. The criss-crossed bristles enable effective brushing of all tooth surfaces and between the teeth. The medium-sized head easily reaches all teeth, even those distant back in the mouth.


Preventor® Comfort is available in two types of bristle hardness : SOFT and MEDIUM.


It also offers the following characteristics :


  • 37 tufts of Tynex® bristles, criss-crossed for effective brushing of all tooth surfaces and areas between teeth.

  • The back of the brush head has a tongue cleaner for complete hygiene and fresh breath.

  • The ergonomically-shaped handle is made from two different materials and has grip zones for better handling.

  • The protective cap is ventilated and provided free with the brush. It ensures perfect hygiene at home and when travelling.

Preventor Oral Care Comfort, a high quality toothbrush for optimal brushing.
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Available in the following colors :
Preventor Oral Care Comfort - range
Preventive healthcare also means bucco-dental hygiene. It is an integral part of your overall life hygiene and is also important for intimate relations which, to date, have been at the heart of Remed Pharma's business.